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About Dr. Kauder

Dr. Brad Kauder is a licensed psychologist who has completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a dual residency in both Clinical Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology, as well as board-certification in Clinical Neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).

ABPP certification demonstrates the highest level of competency in a specialty area, and is only granted to clinicians who successfully complete a rigorous peer-review process.  As of 2010, fewer than 5% of psychologists who are eligible to pursue board certification had earned it.

Dr. Kauder’s residency was under the joint auspices of the Detroit Medical Center and the Wayne State University School of Medicine.  His graduate education was completed at Pacific University, in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Dr. Kauder has been serving healthcare professionals, attorneys, various agencies (e.g., Social Security Administration’s DDS, Jackson County Developmental Disabilities Services, etc.) and their patients / clients since 1999.

Dr. Kauder thoroughly enjoys his second career as a psychologist. He began playing string / fretted musical instruments as a teen during the 1970s.  He worked as a musician during his early adulthood and, as a hobby, he continues to do some playing and teaching of acoustic guitar, mandolin, and 5-string banjo.

This website has information about Dr. Kauder professional work as a psychologist / neuropsychologist.

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